PST Compress & Compact

Compacting over-sized PST files to save minimize PST file corruption

MS Outlook automatically manages the mailbox contents like messages, calendar, contacts, appointments and tasks in two locations, namely: PST folder and in mailbox server. Backup of PST files are highly recommended to be taken as the chances of system corruption is always higher, leading to severe data loss. Since it is not always possible to take back-up of the entire data due to huge volume; therefore, reducing the PST file size remains the viable option.

Controlling PST file size by implementation of registry keys is one of the perfect option. In this process registry keys of hexadecimal level are used to control the PST size. Other than this, the deletion of insignificant PST files are highly advised. This is because growth of PST files keeps the mailbox engage, leaving no space for new files to be stored. Consequently, some PST files lose their existence and declared as corrupt by the system.

Sometimes when users are asked to delete some PST files from their mailbox, an excuse of Most Important mail is told. Thus, no effort is usually put in part of users end. System administrators usually try most usual methods like registry keys and other PST-related Group Policy Settings. However, none of these methods are useful. Thus, assistance from third-party PST compress & compact tool is taken in such case.

PST Compress & Compact-Perfect third-party tool

A reliable third-party tool such as PST Compress & Compact facilitates an effective compression of PST files without affecting its attachment and other contents, and so most recommended & advisable in such cases.

It's perfectly designed to compress and compact the PST file by removing the attachments of a folder. Thus, assists in creating space for other PST files. This PST Compress & Compact utility provides you numerous options to deal with PST files. Some of them are listed below:

  • Compression of attachments in PST: This tool compresses whole attachments in the PST thus reduces its size and save them in desired destination.
  • Removal of attachments: When the attachments are not so important for the user, those attachments are deleted, making PST file of reduced size.
  • Migrating attachments in new folder: The attachments associated with any specific folder are detached from PST file and migrated to new folder.
  • Separation, compression and migration of attachment: The attachments present in PST files are separated, compressed and migrated to new PST folder.

Provision of numerous options for saving attachments and PST files simultaneously makes this software most desired one.

Features of PST Compress & Compact Tool

The astounding features of this pst compress & compact tool are no less than most important part of any software. A zest of those features are explained below:

  • Number of PST files can be compressed in a single cycle.
  • Retains data integrity even after compression.
  • Effectively removes attachments and saves them in different folder.
  • Perfect user interface for any user.

Equipped with such astounding properties, this tool is the right choice for creating space for new PST files.

User system utility

Since PST Compress & Compact is the most preferred tool; therefore, it must be compatible with users system. The users system must have following components:

  • Pentium class processor.
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • 50 MB free disk space.

For compatibility the tool supports:

  • MS Outlook 2016,2013,2010,2007,2003 and 2002
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

To witness the competence of PST Compress & Compact, you must try its evaluation version that functions as true version of the tool but does not allow to save results. To do so you have to purchase the license of PST Compress & Compact, which allows unrestricted saving of results.